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Napa Wood Table

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Napa 36" Seated Table
$ 36.40 qty  
Napa 36" Standing Table
$ 41.75 qty  

Round Tables

If you need a Round Table, all you need to do is decide what size. From 24 inches to 72 inches, we have them all. Standard height is 30 inches, but we have high tables available to suit your needs.
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30" Round Table
$ 9.25 qty  
36" Round Table
$ 9.50 qty  
24" Marble Top Round Table
$ 15.30 qty  
24" Round Table
$ 9.00 qty  
36" Marble Top Table
$ 16.75 qty  
42" Round Table
$ 9.40 qty  
48" Round Table
$ 8.75 qty  
72" Round Table
$ 12.25 qty  
66" Round Table
$ 11.75 qty  
54" Round Table
$ 9.90 qty  
60" Round Table
$ 9.25 qty  
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Children's Tables

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48" Round Children's Table
$ 12.95 qty  
6' x 30" Children's Table
$ 12.95 qty  
8' x 30" Children's Table
$ 12.95 qty  
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French Country Table

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French Country Table
$ 117.70 qty  
French Country Sweetheart Table
$ 101.65 qty  

Tuscan Trestle Table

This table is a beautiful reproduction of an antique Trestle Table that you would be proud to put in your home.  The finish is so fabulous, no need tor rent a tablecloth.  This is a classic addition to a country wedding, especially set end to end for a grand banquet feast or use them for a gorgeous dinner party.  Perfect with our Fruitwood Chivairis.
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Tuscan Trestle Table
$ 101.65 qty  
Tuscan Trestle Sweetheart Table
$ 74.90 qty  

Rectangular Banquet Tables

This sturdy yet lightweight table is perfectly sized for a buffet and refreshments to entertain your guests. Available in six sizes, these tables are great for office banquets or parties hosted at home.
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4' X 30" Banquet Table
$ 7.50 qty  
6' x 30" Banquet Table
$ 8.00 qty  
8' x 30" Banquet Table
$ 8.50 qty  
8' x 40" Banquet Table
$ 14.50 qty  

Square Tables

With five varieties of a square table, including a option for a high table we have the table that will work best with your party needs. Square tables add a unique feature to any party.
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30" Square Table
$ 16.10 qty  
48" Square Table
$ 17.40 qty  
60" Square Table
$ 20.30 qty  
72" Square Table
$ 21.40 qty  

Rectangular Meeting Tables

We have a selection of rectangular folding tables including two sizes to suit your needs. These tables are sure to provide the right environment for your upcoming meeting.
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6' x 18" Rectangular Table
$ 10.35 qty  
8' x 18" Rectangular Table
$ 11.40 qty  

Sectional Tables

These unique sectional tables are sure to add flare to your party! We have several sizes with options to increase the length for added seating, these tables are sure to be a hit at your party!
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6' Serpentine Table
$ 12.80 qty  
8' Serpentine Table
$ 13.90 qty  
1/4 Round Sectional Table
$ 8.85 qty  
1/2 Round Sectional Table
$ 9.90 qty  
Leg Extension
$ 1.25 qty  
4' Serpentine Table
$ 11.80 qty  
48" Heart Shaped Table
$ 30.80 qty  
images/stories/virtuemart/product/farmhouse on risers.jpg

Farmhouse Table

There handmade tables are sturdy, beautifully made, and perfect for the country chic look. Placing two together to make a large square creates a great way for everyone to sit together. No tablecloths needed for these tables.

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Farmhouse Table
$ 85.60 qty  
Farmhouse Sweetheart Table
$ 58.85 qty  
Standing Farmhouse Table
$ 95.60 qty  

Belly Up Tables

This Belly Up Bar Table is perfect for weddings, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and any special occasion where you want your guests semi-standing to socialize and move around. They stand 42" high.

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24" Belly Up Table
$ 11.25 qty  
24" Black Top Chrome Belly Up Table
$ 18.75 qty  
30" Round Belly Up Table
$ 10.85 qty  
24" Marble Top Belly Up Table
$ 15.30 qty  
30" Square Belly Up Table
$ 18.35 qty  
36" Belly Up Table
$ 11.75 qty  
36" Marble Top Belly Up Table
$ 16.75 qty  


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Get everything on your rental "wish list" by reserving your rental equipment early, usually three months in advance of your celebration date. Be mindful of the weather. Rain, heat or cold - consider all the elements. Be prepared with a tent, table umbrella or...

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Packaged Party Rentals

Party Rentals don't have to be expensive. We've created a few party rental packages that help to save you money and introduce you to new party rentals and accessories. In addition, you have the option to add related rentals and in some cases make substitutions to suit your party-style.

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