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Hammered Chafing Dishes

Keeping your food warm never looked so stylish. Our 8 quart hammered chafers, matching round and rectangular chafers have a hammered finish that will add a beautiful lustre to your buffet table. The hammered finish on the 8 quart round chafing dish can give your table a real sparkle.

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8 Quart Rectangular Hammered Chafer
$ 49.00 qty  
8 Quart Round Hammered Chafing Dish
$ 49.00 qty  

Stainless Steel Chafers

These very convenient stainless steel chafers feature an elegant design for any event and helps you to keep food warm for hours.
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Silver Chafers

Our silver chafers create a more stylish appearance for special events like receptions, black-tie events and formal gatherings.
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3 Quart Silver Round Server / Chafer
$ 32.95 qty  
8 Quart Silver Oblong Server / Chafer
$ 72.50 qty  
8 Quart Silver Round Server / Chafer
$ 72.50 qty  
Extra Sterno
$ 2.35 qty  
Extra Food Pan
$ 5.75 qty  

Copper Chafers

These copper chafers retain heat well, providing ideal insulation for hot foods. The beautiful design of the cover adds elegance and refinement to your special events like weddings, receptions, and anniversaries.
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8 Quart Copper Oblong Server
$ 74.00 qty  
8 Quart Copper Round Server
$ 74.00 qty  

Serving Trays

Celebrations are made even more special when your guests are served off of the quality and elegance of these trays. From the  elaborate ornamentation of the sliver tray to the modern plastic trays, each will bring a distinctive gleam to the tabletop and helps put a unique touch on any event.

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6" Oblong Silver Serving Tray
$ 3.75 qty  
Pewter Hammered Serving Tray (12x12)
$ 5.95 qty  
20" Round Stainless Steel Tray
$ 7.50 qty  
15" Round Stainless Steel Tray
$ 8.25 qty  
25" Round Stainless Steel Tray
$ 8.75 qty  
Pewter Alligator Serving Tray
$ 9.00 qty  
12" Round Silver Tray
$ 9.25 qty  
Black Square Acrylic Tray
$ 10.00 qty  
White Square Acrylic Tray
$ 10.00 qty  
13" Round Silver Tray
$ 11.50 qty  
Black Lazy Susan
$ 15.00 qty  
Chrome Oval Tray 14" x 19"
$ 15.00 qty  
Pewter Large Serving Tray With Handles
$ 15.95 qty  
15" Round Silver Tray
$ 16.55 qty  
16" X 20" Oblong Silver Serving Tray
$ 16.95 qty  
Oblong Silver Serving Tray 16" x 22"
$ 16.95 qty  
20" Round Silver Serving Tray
$ 20.50 qty  

Oval Serving Trays & Stand

Perfect for for carrying glassware at functions and parties. These serving trays are non-skid, plastic trays that help you to avoid spills, and can be used with our tray stands as convenient tables for your guests.
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Oval Waiter's Serving Tray (27x22)
$ 6.95 qty  
Waiter's Tray Stand
$ 7.95 qty  


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Party Rental Tips & Tricks

Get everything on your rental "wish list" by reserving your rental equipment early, usually three months in advance of your celebration date. Be mindful of the weather. Rain, heat or cold - consider all the elements. Be prepared with a tent, table umbrella or...

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Packaged Party Rentals

Party Rentals don't have to be expensive. We've created a few party rental packages that help to save you money and introduce you to new party rentals and accessories. In addition, you have the option to add related rentals and in some cases make substitutions to suit your party-style.

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