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Stage Risers

Stage risers are perfect for events that feature live music or guest speakers. We have flexible configurations, and can be set up at most venues, from indoors to outdoors.
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4' X 4' Adjustable Stage Riser Section
$ 24.00 qty  
3' X 8' Stage Riser Section
$ 46.00 qty  
4' X 8' Veralite Stage Riser Section
$ 42.00 qty  
12' Stage Skirting
$ 19.25 qty  
Stage Railing Per ft
$ 3.15 qty  
12" Stage Steps
$ 22.00 qty  
18" Rise Stage Steps
$ 22.00 qty  
24" Rise Stage Steps
$ 22.00 qty  
30" Rise Stage Steps
$ 36.00 qty  
36" Rise Stage Steps
$ 36.00 qty  
Adjustable Stage Step w/ Railing
$ 65.00 qty  

Specialty Flooring

Having a backyard event and desperately wish that you didn’t have a pool? We offer custom pool covers to ease the pain! Don’t have a pool but wish that you could level out that pesky hill? Choose our custom wooden sub-flooring!
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Porta-Floor (Per Sq. Ft.)
$ 0.72 qty  
Pool Cover - Call For Prices
$ 0.00 qty  
Wood Subflooring - Call For Prices
$ 0.00 qty  

Portable Dance Floors

From square dancing all the way to the waltz, we offer numerous dance floor options that will best suit your event. We have wooden dance floors for your rustic western parties and sparkling white dance floors for your elegant weddings.
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3' X 4' Vinyl Dance Floor Section
$ 10.00 qty  
3' X 4' White Dance Floor Section
$ 26.00 qty  
3" x 4" Black Dance Floor Section
$ 26.00 qty  

Ground Covering

Unify or protect your venue’s flooring with our multiple options of Astroturf and carpeting. Or, roll out our red carpet so each of your guests can feel like the star that they are!
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Green Astroturf (Per Sq. Ft)
$ 0.30 qty  
Black Astroturf (Per Sq. Ft)
$ 0.34 qty  
Blue Astroturf (Per Sq. Ft)
$ 0.55 qty  
Tan Astroturf (Per Sq. Ft)
$ 0.60 qty  
White Astroturf, Per Sq. ft
$ 1.00 qty  
Carpeting - Call For Prices
$ 0.00 qty  

Aisle Runners

Roll out the carpet for those one in a life time occasions. Choose from the red carpet for the premiere event or the white linen for a bride's special day.

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3' x 10' Red Carpet Aisle Runner
$ 30.00 qty  
3' x 15' Red Carpet Aisle Runner
$ 35.00 qty  
3' x 25' Red Carpet Aisle Runner
$ 49.50 qty  
3' x 50' Red Carpet Aisle Runner
$ 95.00 qty  
6' x 15' Red Carpet Aisle Runner
$ 70.00 qty  
6' x 25' Red Carpet Aisle Runner
$ 85.00 qty  
6' x 50' Red Carpet Aisle Runner
$ 170.00 qty  
3' x 25' White Linen Aisle Runner
$ 46.75 qty  
3' x 100' White Linen Aisle Runner
$ 82.50 qty  
4' x 25' White Carpet Aisle Runner
$ 125.00 qty  
4' x 50' White Carpet Aisle Runner
$ 175.00 qty  
4' x 100' Black Carpet Aisle Runner
$ 640.00 qty  


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Party Rental Tips & Tricks

Get everything on your rental "wish list" by reserving your rental equipment early, usually three months in advance of your celebration date. Be mindful of the weather. Rain, heat or cold - consider all the elements. Be prepared with a tent, table umbrella or...

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Packaged Party Rentals

Party Rentals don't have to be expensive. We've created a few party rental packages that help to save you money and introduce you to new party rentals and accessories. In addition, you have the option to add related rentals and in some cases make substitutions to suit your party-style.

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