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Stanchions & Crowd Control

Stanchion rope dividers organize your event. Use them for organizing your guests into lines for registration or to cordon off restricted areas or to just help make a grand entrance. These look great with our red carpet runners.

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Raffle Drums

Raffles are a great way to build excitement at an event. Our three different models would be appropriate at any event, and since we also provide the raffle tickets that's one less errand for you.
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8" x 12" Brass Raffle Drum
$ 15.00 qty  
15" X 20" Brass Raffle Drum
$ 25.00 qty  
15" X 22" Acrylic Raffle Drum
$ 53.00 qty  
Acrylic Floor Model Raffle Drum
$ 90.00 qty  

Ficus Trees

Ficus trees are great fillers for tents, as a backdrop against our lattice walls or can be used to hide equipment not meant to be easily seen. They also come fully equipped with lights for a better effect at night.
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Silk Ficus Tree
$ 41.50 qty  
Silk Ficus Tree with Lights
$ 60.00 qty  

Garment Racks

Always a necessity at large evening events, we also have available for purchase the hat/coat check tickets to keep your guests belongings in order.  Don't forget them for your fashion show and consider renting our stand up mirrors in addition.
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6' Garment Rack
$ 14.50 qty  
Garment Rack with 50 Hangers & Claim Tickets
$ 27.35 qty  


A very practical item to have for your fashion shows or in the dressing room of the debutant event. Bands also appreciate a chance to check their look before heading out on stage.
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5' Full Length Mirror
$ 31.50 qty  
6' Full Length Mahogany Mirror
$ 36.00 qty  

Tripods & Easels

Our tripods, also known as easels, are either for tables or are stand only floor models. The floor model stands about five tall and has an adjustable shelf for your artwork.
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Tabletop Tripod Easel 13"
$ 5.00 qty  
5' AluminumTripod Easel
$ 9.25 qty  
Wrought Iron Easel
$ 15.50 qty  
5' Brass Tripod Easel
$ 25.50 qty  
Wood Easel
$ 12.00 qty  
Wood Chalkboard
$ 7.00 qty  

Convention Draping

Convention draping is typically used for creating booths at a trade show, however, its also great for dividing rooms or sectioning off areas in tents for changing rooms or use it to hide ugly areas around your event. They can create false walls to make your party more intimate.
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Can't get their attention?  We've got the answer! These battery operated bullhorns are good for conventions, conferences or any other event. Its also a great answer for your family reunion park games, where no one's listening to you tell the rules.
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$ 21.95 qty  


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Party Rental Tips & Tricks

Get everything on your rental "wish list" by reserving your rental equipment early, usually three months in advance of your celebration date. Be mindful of the weather. Rain, heat or cold - consider all the elements. Be prepared with a tent, table umbrella or...

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Packaged Party Rentals

Party Rentals don't have to be expensive. We've created a few party rental packages that help to save you money and introduce you to new party rentals and accessories. In addition, you have the option to add related rentals and in some cases make substitutions to suit your party-style.

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