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Beverage Servers


Beverage Fountains

Beverage Fountains are an attractive way of offering drinks. They can accommodate champagne, wine, punch, tropical drinks, iced tea, sparkling water, and more.
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2 Gallon Beverage Fountain
$ 41.75 qty  
3 Gallon Beverage Fountain
$ 48.10 qty  
5 Gallon Beverage Fountain
$ 52.45 qty  
7 Gallon Beverage Fountain
$ 59.95 qty  

Punch Bowls

Silver punch bowls are the epitome of gracious serving, but why not turn it into the perfect iced beverage server? Use our stainless steel punch bowls for drinks or a huge salad bowl. The options are endless.
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2 Gallon Glass Punch Bowl
$ 10.70 qty  
5 Gallon Stainless Steel Punch Bowl
$ 19.30 qty  
7 Gallon Stainless Steel Punch Bowl
$ 22.50 qty  
2 Gallon Silver Punch Bowl w/Ladle
$ 40.65 qty  


From flowers to ice water, pitchers are the hardworking necessity of a well planned table. Glass, plastic or silver, Abbey can fill your needs when considering your guests requirements.
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Plastic Pitcher
$ 1.65 qty  
Glass Pitcher
$ 3.75 qty  
Silver Pitcher
$ 12.40 qty  

Coffee Servers

Our coffee servers are a convenient way for you to serve coffee in a stylish manner, while keeping it warm for longer. We offer a variety of coffee servers with insulated lining for heat retention, in a variety of colors and materials.
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Coffee Airpot 15 Cup
$ 7.65 qty  
5 Gallon Coffee Thermos
$ 19.25 qty  
White Coffee Pot Thermos
$ 4.55 qty  
Silver Coffee Creamer, Sugar Bowl & Tray
$ 14.45 qty  
Silver Sugar Bowl
$ 5.90 qty  
Silver Coffee Creamer
$ 5.90 qty  
Silver Coffee/Tea Server
$ 14.45 qty  
75 Cup Stainless Steel Coffee Urn
$ 66.35 qty  
100 Cup Silver Coffee Urn
$ 77.05 qty  
50 Cup Silver Coffee Urn
$ 53.00 qty  
90 Cup Coffee Maker
$ 18.50 qty  
60 Cup Coffee Maker
$ 17.10 qty  
10 Gallon Coffee Thermos
$ 25.80 qty  


Margaritas, fresh orange juice or the latest smoothy recipe can all be professionally achieved with one of Abbey's reliable blenders.
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Industrial Bar Blender
$ 55.65 qty  

Ice Tea/Lemonade Dispensers

Our Ice tea/lemonade beverage dispensers are durable enough for children's parties, yet elegant enough for almost any special event. Use them for BBQs, outdoor picnics, corporate parties, fundraisers, and more.
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Cocktail Serving Trays

Used by many of our caterers, these cork trays are light, sturdy and perfect for serving drinks or appetizers.
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Cork Cocktail Serving Tray
$ 6.60 qty  

Champagne Accessories

Our Champagne Bucket can be used without the stand for a table setting or with our simple, modern stand. No one wants warm champagne!
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Champagne Bucket
$ 6.70 qty  
Champagne Stand
$ 4.80 qty  
images/stories/virtuemart/product/1 litre carafe.jpg


Used either on the table to keep coffee hot or served manually by servers, carafes are the perfect mate for our large coffee makers. Perfect for conferences that last too long, these coffee servers keep your coffee hot for a long time.
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1/2 L Carafe
$ 1.65 qty  
1 L Carafe
$ 1.65 qty  


Caterers and party planners depend on this work horse for large events. Perfect for the beach, park or pool party to keep drinks cold, they also do double duty as a warmer for serving meals when ovens aren't practical.
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120 Quart Super Cooler
$ 23.00 qty  
150 Quart Ice Chest Cooler
$ 25.15 qty  


Need to chill a large amount of drinks? Our large, plastic tubs are the answer. Cover them in a linen to go with your décor; and they fit in perfectly.
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Bus Tub
$ 3.70 qty  
14" Galvanized Ice Tub
$ 2.70 qty  
21" Galvanized Tub
$ 6.70 qty  
Large Plastic Tub
$ 10.30 qty  


These thermoses are perfect for outdoor events or indoor events that where the thermos is used behind the scene. They are perfect for beverages like tea and coffee. Choose from our 5 gallon thermos or our 10 gallon thermos.
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Black Coffee Pot Thermos
$ 5.40 qty  
White Coffee Pot Thermos
$ 4.55 qty  
5 Gallon Thermos
$ 14.50 qty  
10 Gallon Thermos
$ 24.10 qty  


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Get everything on your rental "wish list" by reserving your rental equipment early, usually three months in advance of your celebration date. Be mindful of the weather. Rain, heat or cold - consider all the elements. Be prepared with a tent, table umbrella or...

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Packaged Party Rentals

Party Rentals don't have to be expensive. We've created a few party rental packages that help to save you money and introduce you to new party rentals and accessories. In addition, you have the option to add related rentals and in some cases make substitutions to suit your party-style.

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